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One of the God-given resources of dear Iran, the largest known iron ore mine in the Middle East is located 55 km from Shiraz Road in the heart of Gol Gohar region. The products of the ore extracted from this mine are aggregate, pellets and iron ore concentrate. In recent years, the company has taken a step towards development with the approach of eliminating the sale of raw materials and creating jobs for young people. In order to pave the way and to ensure sustainability, and with the tact and prudence of its managers, the comprehensive plan of Golgohar region was approved by all activists in the region. . The multiplicity of affiliated companies, the vastness of shared resources and differences in interests, the high volume of manpower employed, the perspective and future of Golgohar, the role of integrated regional management in order to avoid any disruption and avoid duplication in the region were seriously considered by decision makers. How to service, maintain and direct infrastructure facilities (water, electricity, gas and fiber optics) Construction and maintenance of rail transport network, construction and maintenance of road transport network Construction and maintenance of traffic and support network, construction and maintenance of surface water collection network In order not to cause damage to the facilities of each site, the import of raw materials and equipment to the area for use by each factory and consequently the production and exit of products, precise traffic control and regulation to the roads using patrols in the area and similar cases. , Is the only example of the infrastructure needed by the region, which led large companies present and active in the region to use their power to create such infrastructure on a regular basis at the lowest possible cost and with the cooperation and cooperation of each other



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نشست صمیمانه مدیرعامل شرکت توسعه، عمران و مديريت منطقه گل‌گهر با فرمانده نیروی انتظامی سیرجان

نشست صمیمانه مدیرعامل شرکت توسعه، عمران و مديريت منطقه گل‌گهر با سرهنگ امیرسبتکی، فرمانده نیروی انتظامی شهرستان سیرجان، صبح امروز برگزار شد.

فرماندار ویژه سیرجان در بازدید از پروژه‌های عمرانی منطقه گل‌گهر:تحولات عمرانی خوب و مثبتی را در منطقه گل‌گهر شاهد هستیم

شرکت توسعه، عمران و مديريت منطقه گل‌گهر، صبح امروز میزبان فرماندار ویژه شهرستان سیرجان، معاون عمرانی فرمانداری و جمعی از مدیران اداری شهرستان بود.

نشست صمیمانه مدیرعامل شرکت توسعه، عمران و مديريت منطقه گل‌گهر با پرسنل حفاظت فیزیکی شرکت

نشست صمیمانه پرسنل حفاظت فیزیکی شرکت توسعه، عمران و مديريت منطقه گل‌گهر با مدیرعامل شرکت، صبح امروز برگزار شد.

در نشست شورای مدیران شرکت توسعه، عمران و مديريت منطقه گل‌گهر مطرح شد؛

تاکید مدیرعامل بر سرعت بخشیدن به اجرای پروژه‌ها

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Shareholder companies

Head office: Sirjan, 50 km of Sirjan axis, Shiraz, Gol Gohar region, management offices, block 5

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